Should I purchase Travel Insurance?

I'm not one to purchase travel insurance to try to make my travel completely risk free. I'm more of a dive in and hope for the best type of person. I can usually adopt my itinerary and plans to most anything thrown at me...but when it comes to yacht charters, I think it's a little different.

If there's a serious medical emergency with a family member or yourself and you have to cancel your flight the airlines will usually accommodate you. If their flight is cancelled, they'll usually help you out. In most cases they will work with you(unless you cancel for a non-emergency reason and in many cases there will just be a cancellation fee).

With a yacht charter it's different. You chartered the yacht and it is your responsibility to get to it. The charter companies are not ruthless, they just can't afford to have a yacht sitting empty at the dock when they could have chartered it out. As far as they are concerned, although there are good reasons to cancel a charter and they may sympathize with you, they most likely will not refund your charter expenses.

What could cause you to miss your charter?
- You miss your flight and can't get on another one...
-Your flight is cancelled...
- Your travel partner has an emergency and cannot go...
-You or your family member has an emergency and cannot go...
-A natural disaster occurs in your community and you can't leave your house in the state it's in
-Your pet gets sick or must be hospitalized
-the airline that flies you to the yacht folds....and they can't get you on another flight for 4 days or more...
-You get laid off and decide that this is not the time to travel..
-The honeymoon cruise you've been planning has been called off because the wedding has been cancelled
-Everyone is getting laid off around you and you decide it's not the best time to let your company know that you're despensable(this happened to a friend who came back from his vacation only to find out he had been laid off).
-While on holiday you have an accident and cannot continue with your plans

Anyway, some of these are far-fetched and probably won't happen, but the point is you're purchasing insurance to protect yourself from anything that might cause you to cancel your trip.

What I suggest is that you go to and see what the cost of Travel Insurance would run to cover your trip. Once you have the cost and understand what it will cover ask yourself this simple question... "Is it worth X dollars to protect my travel?"

Look at the total cost of the trip and compare it to the cost of the insurance... Is it worth it?

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