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For 7 days in July of 2005 I took my family on the cruise of lifetime. We sailed to the Greek islands on a yacht skippered by the most wonderful person, Stefan Ritcher. His first mate, Soulis was the perfect accompaniment. These two showed us the best vacation we've ever experienced.


A Bareboat Charter....

Hi David,
sorry it took me so long to reply - we've been extra busy since returning to Japan. The sailing trip was great, though I wish the weather had been a little warmer (but hey, since that's only up to God to take care of, I really can't blame anyone for that!). Our skipper was really great. His name was Crete and he was extremely friendly and helped teach us a lot about sailing. We really appreciated all his help with deciding where to go and in manning the ship. He did more than we ever would expect from a skipper - including insisting upon washing all the dishes!! So, thank you for helping us with everything. The only real matter that I would have liked to know a little more about beforehand was where exactly we needed to be. If I had known that we were supposed to be in Lavrio and not Piraeus, then I could have planned more effectively. It probably said it in the contract somewhere and I missed it, so it is most likely my own fault anyways.

Thanks again,

Thank you Lynda!

I have to say that the whole trip, and especially our stay on the boat, still lingers, and I smile whenever I think of it. Indeed, the beautiful blue waters of the Aegean Sea and all of our wonderful swims will not soon be forgotten. We all agreed that the best food that we had on the trip was YOUR food. I have since bought two Greek cookbooks(I could not find the Adams book that you recommended), although I think that Ken is wanting a break from Greek fare for a while.

We got our pictures back, but unfortunately have not yet gotten together with the Weinsteins to share. Ken is a pretty good photograper, and many of the photos are wonderful.

I hope that you got the fridge door fixed, and that the medical students were not too hard on other parts of the boat!

It is very very hot here, and much more humid here than it was there. We are spending lots of time in air conditioning--I am very much reliant on it!

Please send greetings to Kosta, and hearty thanks to the both of you!!


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