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2019 Elgita- Rates
Aegean and Ionian Charters


Weekly Rate in Euros
April, May and October
June and September
July and August
What's Included:
The Yacht
The skipper
Water Activities with Yacht-. Altalena (water swing), must ski (special ski from the top of the mast), kneeboard, tuna fishing (by stand up rods) ,sup or kayak.
Water Activities with Very Big Dingy-water ski, tubes, diving and fishing.
The VERY BIG DINGHY-4,5m & 50hp !!!
(The VERY BIG DINGHY and it's water activities are not included April, May and October- 350 Euro extra for those months)
The fees for the start and the end ports
The linen & towels

-The diesel ( the consumption is appr. 10lt per hour. The cost is apprrox 1,25e per lt in Athens and 1,45 in the islands)
-The gasoline for the BIG dinghy (50e per tank)
-The water (appr. 15e per 600lt)
The port fees (the average is 10e per night. 5 in Poros and 15 in Paros)
-The electric 220V (appr. 10e per night in some ports)
-The final cleaning (100e)

-Also, there is available a nice and polite hostess to prepare and to serve breakfast and light lunch and drinks, to wash the dishes, to go to the market to buy everything before the departure and to do ALL the jobs on the boat.
120e per day

Booked 2019

June 9
june 22-28
June 30-July 7
July 27-Aug 3
Aug 10-17
Aug 18-24
Sept 7-14


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