you should try the delicious Greek cuisine at the local tavernas (average cost of 15 Euro for a meal and wine or beer). If you would like Alicia or Anastasia to cook one of their famous dinners (sundowner cocktail, appetizers, mains, wine or beer & dessert) the cost is 30 Euro per person (minimum 4 people).

Nnlimited use of the air-conditioning. 3 hours per day of air-conditioning are included in the price for both yachts, which is enough for a good night’s sleep (the yacht stays cool for the rest of the night). On Velos 3 more hours are included in the afternoon. If you would like to use the air-conditioning for longer, then any additional hours are charged at 6 Euro per hour (which is the running costs of the generator) - on 'share a yacht' cruises, that is split between all the guests who want the air-conditioning on.

Sea/deck towels and more than one set of bathroom towels per person. Unfortunately we can't offer you many towels like they do in hotels and this is for practical reasons, as towels are quite bulky and storage space is limited on a yacht.

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