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This is actually one of the nicest holidays you will have in your life, but the important question is "How much is it going to cost?".

The great thing is that cruising around the islands on your own yacht is not any longer the type of holiday that only the wealthiest people could afford.

However, if you are looking for a yacht with plenty of crew dressed in white uniforms running around to serve you, and a formal atmosphere where you will have to follow a dress code, then you should look at yachts over 100 feet or cruise liners.
It is not fun, it will cost you a fortune, and it is NOT what we offer on our Greek Island cruises.

Our cruises are addressed to people who would like to have variety in their holiday and try something different. Explore the islands, enjoy the sun, the sea and the relaxed local nightlife, but not just get stuck in a tourist resort for the whole duration.

People who want to have fun, see everything and pay what it would cost for a normal holiday. The big majority of our guests have never been on a yacht before, so they are not familiar with the expenses related to this type of holiday.

Our idea was to organize all-inclusive cruises, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.
The prices below include absolutely everything related to your cruise (running expenses, mooring fees, fuel, water, taxes, breakfast, lunch, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, etc.) except for your dinners.

During your cruise you will be our guest, so we will take care of everything. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the magic of the Greek islands!

Some of our guests mentioned they were originally a bit skeptical about our holidays, because our prices were considerably lower than other yachts on the market. We should clarify that this is because you book directly with us, while agents/brokers have to add their commission of 20%-30% on the price.


Prices for a 1 week cruise (in euro)

Yacht Velos Yacht Alexandros
Share a yacht  (2 people in 1cabin, price is per person) 1240Euro 1140Euro
Share a yacht  (1 person in 1 cabin, price is for 1 person) 1860Euro 1710Euro
Whole yacht  (up to 8 guests, price is for the yacht) 9450Euro 6450Euro

DISCOUNTS (maximum total discount 10%):
5%     Early booking (before 31st of December)
5%     Returning guest
5%     Booking 3 weeks or more
10%   Special discount on your 5th cruise

Prices are for half-board and include absolutely everything, except dinners, transfers and flights.
Also included are 6 hours per day of air-conditioning.

The cost for a place on our Share a yacht option is 178Euro per person per day (1240Euro for a week) on our yacht Velos and 123Euro per person per day (860Euro for a week) on our yacht Alexandros, starting at 5 p.m. on a Sunday and ending at 9 a.m. on the following Sunday).

It is based on double occupancy of the cabin and covers everything (including access to the bar with free beer, wine and ouzo) except dinners.

However, if you travel alone you may have a cabin just for yourself for a supplement of 50%.

The other option is to book the whole yacht for 1350Euro per day (9450Euro for a week) on our yacht Velos and 736Euro per day (5150Euro for a week) on our yacht Alexandros.
You will have the whole yacht for yourself, whether you are alone or a group of family / friends of up to 8 people (in which case it comes to 169Euro and 123Euro respectively per person per day).

There is actually accommodation for 10 people plus the captain and hostess (in 2 triple, 2 double and the crew cabin), but we have limited the number of guests to 8, for extra comfort.

Prices - sailingFinally, there is a 5% discount on the above prices if you are coming for 3 weeks or more (applies to the 3rd, 4th, etc. weeks), 5% discount for bookings that take place before the 31st of December and 5% if you are a returning customer. For one family with children under 18 booking the whole yacht, we also offer a 5% family discount. Please note however that the total discount is limited to 10%.

And as a returning customer you will allready know about our treat, if this is your 5th holiday with us then you are welcome to a 10% discount!!!


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