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30km (17 nautical miles) SW of Piraeus Triangular Aegina (Egina), the largest of the Saronic Gulf islands, continues to be the most visited island of Greece, due to its proximity to Athens. If we have only one day for one island, we may decide on a day trip here to see the famous Doric temple of Aphaia

Another daily destination can be the wild life shelter. Mostly we’ll arrive and depart from the main port and capital of Aegina town on the west coast, though there are a few that stop at the resort town of Souvala on the north coast and the port of Ayia Marina on the east coast

Despite massive tourism and the rapid development that is devouring much farmland, there are still almond, olive, and, especially, pistachio orchards here. In fact, the island has an endemic water problem simply because of watering the pistachio groves. Wherever you buy pistachios in Greece, the vendor may assure you that they are from Aegina to indicate their superior quality.


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