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To begin with, we are pet lovers and have pets of our own so we are ready to accept your booking with your pet, as long as you are responsible pet lovers… 

1.      Your little friends must not have destructive tendencies, such as chewing on the cushions, the yacht or the equipment.

2.      They should be healthy, have had their shots, should not have ticks, fleas or other parasites, should be toilet trained, and naturally should have had their nails clipped before their holiday.

3.      You should be aware that hair causes problems on a yacht, so you will have to take special care with the cleaning and disposal of the hair.  You should also keep in mind that the summer heat and swimming in salt water causes animals to loose more hair than they normally would.

4.      Your pets should be social and friendly with the crew and other persons who they may not know.

5.      They should be able to sleep in special kennel / carrying cases.  All pets should be able to become accustomed to this with a little pre-holiday practice.  We would be glad to offer any assistance you need or you could ask your pet’s trainer to help.

Under these conditions, our yachts are ideal for you and we are sure that you and your faithful friend will enjoy your holiday playing in the sea and on the beaches.  The roomy and open layout of the yacht and the protective netting all the way around insure that you and your pet have a wonderful and safe sailing holiday.

We are here to offer you the best holiday ever……..the rest is up to you…… 




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