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We obtained this type of yacht due to our own needs for safe and easily accessible boats. It turned out that, with minor changes, these boats can offer a sailing experience to physically challenged persons, even to wheelchair users.

In order to invite you to join our sailing cruises, we proceeded to do the following adaptations, expected to be completed by March, 2004 when we'll display relative pictures on our website:


A "catwalk" 2.5m long and 90cm wide, with heightened borders 10cm (to avoid any accidents while the wheelchair is on the way in/out); it is finished and will be installed when the boat goes back to the sea after the winter maintenance. On the one side there is a rail supporting the walking persons. We choose appropriate docks but, in any case, the catwalk is long enough to level any height differences between the dock and the boat.


Other than for access to the boat, the "catwalk" (inox gangway) will be used for one more purpose: Being on the floor-level, it can be used by our guest as a sliding board to get into the sea or, in a reverse process, to get back to the boat. Someone not strong enough or disabled who wants to go swimming will be able to sit on the half-sank board and be lifted together with the catwalk by its halyards.


In the cockpit (lounge) we'll install safety 4-points belts to keep any less-able-bodied passenger safe from unwanted forward or left-right movements in case of  rough weather. While sitting on the couch, they are also protected from cold-heat-spraying-wind enjoying a panoramic view, and participating in any activity with their friends. The roof can slide open to allow sunbathing from the same position. The tables can open to host 8 persons and a board can fit between them for easier access by wheelchair users.


 Each boat will carry two (2) aisle-chairs to allow access to the cabins, the toilets, where normal wheelchairs do not fit, and a hoist for transferring from wheelchair to the aisle and vice versa for the less able.


The aisle-chairs can go downstairs to the cabins and toilets using a special platform or, in another way, by a boschun chair. The free space to the cabins and toilets is large enough to allow any maneuvering; every appropriate handle or other equipment for the disabled will be installed as well. All of these will be finished by the end of January.


In March 2004 we plan to hold trial journeys with Greek wheelchair users (who already trust and support us) to test and complete our equipment. Beginning in early April 2004 we'll be ready to offer you unforgettable, comfortable and safe vacations.

Every suggestion will be taken into consideration. It won't be easy to convince you but, as soon as you see our boats, you will be our clients.

For the first two (2) years, we'll sail the calm seas of the Argo-Saronic gulf. For 2006, we plan to move to the Ionian sea, in western Greece. Our program will be reconsidered until then.

Our offer includes a boat with a skipper and a hostess on board, transfer from/to the airport to the boat , and everything you will need for your journey, except  when you decide to enjoy a tavern of your choice.

the cruise with our yachts, includes:  

a full time captain/guide-hostess who will guide you around the islands of the Saronic and Argolic gulf.


supplied on board during the whole weeks charter, breakfast (continental), midday lunch (including light salads and sandwiches), sodas, snacks, fruits, refreshments (non alcoholic beverages), etc.


visits to all archaeological and historical  monuments.


fuel for the yacht, for the whole week, water and ice.


all linens, towels and blankets.


free use of all yachts equipment.


Greek VAT taxes, Port dues, Marina fees, insurance.


Cleaning fee at the end of the charter.


meeting and transportation from the airport to the yacht.


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