Photo Gallery 2005

The photos from the 2005 season have been organised in the following categories:

On the way...      (97 photos)
While the yacht was on the way from one island to another.

Anchored in a bay...      (96 photos)
At anchor in one of the noumerous isolated picturesque bays around the islands, where we normally stop in the afternoon for a bit of swimming, snorkelling and lunch.

Moored in a little village...      (107 photos)
Every evening you will be at a different village on a different island. Most of these beautiful places are only accesible by yacht.

Greek Nights...      (26 photos)
Although it is not the easiest thing to take clear photos at night (and especially after a few glasses of wine!), these are some moments from bouzouki nights and greek dancing from the summer of 2005, mostly at the island of Kefalonia.

BBQ...      (14 photos)
Occasionally we spent the night in a desserted bay where we enjoyed a barbeque on the beach.

Dolphins...      (26 photos)
They are a common sight in the Ionian Sea and sometimes they stay with us for up to 20 minutes when we are on the way, playing around the hull of the yacht.

SCUBA Diving...      (9 photos)
There are some very nice diving sites around the Ionian Islands and we always organise this through recognized diving companies.

Various...      (6 photos)
A few photos that didn't fit in any of the above categories!


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