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Guest Book 2006


22 October 2006
To our multi-tasking, multi-lingual, multi-talented Polish chef and Greek captain,

Thanks for a fun filled, exciting week of sailing, swimming, sunning, eating, lounging, lazing, sleeping and just plain relaxing onboard the 'Alexandros'. Thanks for showing us the Ionian Islands from a seaward perspective: it is an experience that none of us will forget. Good luck in your Moroccan adventures and for the future.

Love from,
Andrew, Anthony, Ross, Charles, Andreas, Dirk, Brent Meersman (South Africa & Germany)
P.S. Come to South Africa on your next holiday!!!


October 2006
Dear Thanos and Alicja,

Marvelous week, wonderful food, great company! What can we say except we will now always remember 'goose wing'!

Anita, Julie, Mike, Vince (UK)


24 September 2006
Thanos and Alicja

We have had a very special holiday, with very good company. It has been very good sailing weather which was fabulous. The cinnamon liqueur is delicious and we hope to share another one with two of our favorite people in the not too distant future.

Georgie and Roger (UK)


24 September 2006
Thanos and Alicja

Thanks a lot. Lovely sailing, good food and a fantastic break. Active fun, yet relaxing in the same time.

Well done,
Mark (UK)


24 September 2006
Dear Thanos and Alicja,

Thank you for making my first sailing holiday with Mark the most memorable and wonderful experience of my life! You are both such treasures - don't change a thing!

Suzy xxx (UK)


24 September 2006
Dear Thanos and Alicja,

The two wrinklies have had a wonderful time with such good company and sailing, visiting attractive places, fed superbly and having a wonderful time. All in all a very special and memorable trip with two very special people.

With our love,
Anne (UK)


17 September 2006
Dear Thanos and Alicja,

Thank you so much! I was hoping for a great week, but it was so much more... you are charming hosts, friendly and welcoming, and everything was just perfect.
Alicja, thank you for your fabulous cooking and wonderful smile - you are a treasure!
Thanks too for a great introduction to sailing. Maybe this time next year I'll be a skipper too!

Lots of love to you both,
Helen and Ron (UK)


17 September 2006
T & A

Many thanks for a wonderful week. Good company, food and wine; magic places and lots of good memories.

Douglas (UK)


17 September 2006
Athanassios and Alicja,

At the end of a wonderful week, we are 5 kilos heavier from Alicja's wonderful cooking, and 5 kilos lighter from happiness! Thanks for showing us the delights of the Ionian Islands and for your explanations of interesting features such as ERIC (we're still not convinced that is a real wind!).
Great crew as well, made it the best week.

Love from
Lorna and Alistair (UK)


17 September 2006
Thanos and Alicja,

Once again a wonderful week with amazing friends. The crew, the guests, a special combination. Laughing is such a wonderful medicine. I'll start now making the quiz for next year!

Much love,
Susan (Canada)
'the quiz maker'


17 September 2006
Thanos and Alicja,

It was a wonderful voyage! Enjoyed the company of the crew and your generous hospitality. Hopefully not remembered for simply my skills in 'stirring' the boat! Will have many memories of the trip.

Many, many thanks,
Brenda (Canada)


27 August 2006
Thanos & Alicja

A great time was had by all! Some smells will live with us forever - mostly it was just a really enjoyable time.
Now all we have to look forward to, is getting the ouzo home safely.

Thank you for a lovely holiday.
Bob and Gill (UK)


27 August 2006
Dear Thanos and Alicja

Thanks for a very enjoyable week, especially Alicja's pasta(says Jack) and also for teaching us about sailing. We both had a great time swimming in bays all across the Ionian. Hope you enjoy your week off.

Sam and Jack (UK)


27 August 2006
Dear Thanos and Alicia,

Thanks for your skill and care and consideration - a perfect sail, a perfect sea, and the right people to go with it -

Sail on with good wishes,
Marti (UK)


20 August 2006
Dear Thanos and Alicia,

Thanks for the wonderful holiday. Really nice lunches. Alicia, I never had a grilled cheese like yours. And Thanos, thanks for teaching us about sailing and getting mum to swim in deep water; I know that doesn't sound like much, but BELIEVE me it is!
from Kevin
Hear, Hear! says dad!

Thanks 2 u both!
Mulcahy family (Ireland)


13 August 2006
Dear Alicia and Thanos,

Thank you for this trip - it was not what I expected, but magical in many ways - maybe I will come back with friends when there is more wind and do a lot of sailing. I think I will remember for a long time the night in the bay and our thunderstorm!

Wishing you many happy adventures,
Caroline (UK)


6 August 2006
To Alicia and Thanos ('Long Thanos Silver'!),

Enjoyed the sunrise on the way to the hospital! Had a fab time!
Sarah :)

'Efcharisto!' for a wonderful week of sun, sea and Mythos!

A perfect holiday - we are all relaxed after sailing, swimming and so much good food & friendship.

A fantastic way to explore the Ionian Islands - loved the food, the ouzo and retsina. Thanks Athanassios and Alicia

What skies, what seas, what dawns, what horizons (P.S. what gray clouds! Phew!). Lots of love,
Gill & Chris


16 July 2006
Dear Thanos and Alicja,

Our own private yacht!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful boat and taking us to some wonderful places - and feeding us well too!
Prettiest village: Sivota
Best bay: Fiskardo (with the cave you can walk into and swim out!)
Best restaurants: Vathy - up a side street, Lefkas - up a side street!
Best shops: Fiskardo
Best tour guides: Thanos and Alicja
Hope we can sail with you again (but not across the Atlantic, Thanos)

Marcia, Ian and Caroline (UK)


2 July 2006
Dear Thanos and Alicia,

Mmm, so, I would like to let you know what a fantastic time we have had with you both on your beautiful yacht. The weather was fantastic and the places you took us to, got better and better - from beautiful to very, very beautiful.
Alicia's - the mermaid - lunches were incredibly mouth watering. The ouzo and liqueurs were a lovely touch. We all feel that we have become friends with you rather than 'customers'. Thank you so much for making our tour of the Ionian such an enjoyable experience - only three more, then we can have the free cruise!!
Hope to see you again soon - either in Lefkas or the Butcher's Arms at Balscote.

Lots of love and Best wishes,
Dave & Avis, Alias flip flop Boy, Speedo Boy & Sleepy Bye, Lyn & Nigel (UK)


11 June 2006
Dear Thanos and Alicja,

Thank you for a wonderful week of hospitality and Greek islands - it's been an eventful week with weather and language lessons. I'm sure you won't forget us in a hurry - best of luck for the rest of the season, which I'm sure will go really well. Maybe I'll pop back to experience proper Greek weather! And thank you for the wonderful food too, Alicja!

Lots of love,
Vicki (UK)


11 June 2006
Dear Thanos and Alicia,

Thank you for a wonderful week despite the problems! (No, I'm not including your dad Alicia as one of those - he falls more into the entertainment category!) Everything was lovely except the weather, but that wasn't your fault.
I will be straight into a diet when I get home to lose the weight I've put on after eating Alicia's wonderful food.
Charlie and I wish you every success in the future and we will definitely recommend it to our friends, and perhaps come back ourselves soon. It has certainly been an eventful week (and I don't think that you will forget it and us quickly!).

We have had such a great time!
Charles and Hilary (UK)


3 June 2006
Thank you Thanos and Alicia,

We all had a brilliant time, a holiday the boys will not forget - fish catching, crab poking and the prize octopus in a bucket! Well dome Alicia for cooking the catch of the day, although small - delicious.
You can have some peace and quiet now - leaving you to no sound effects!

Andrew, Lorraine & boys -Jack, Daniel, Paul-  x x x x   (UK)


Thanks Thanos and Alicia for a wonderful holiday and you were so kind and enjoyable and I'm going to come back next year for a fortnight!

Thanks Thanos and Alicia! I had a great time with you for a week and Alicia your food was excellent! Will see you in a year hopefully.
Love, Daniel

I have had a very likeable time with you! I hope we come back again next year, can't wait to see you two again.
See you soon, Paul
P.S. I enjoyed playing with your anchor! x


28 May 2006

Thanks Thanos and Alicia for a fantastic week's holiday, a dream realized that's taken 40 years for me (Graham). This is what sailing is all about and we all agree this has been one of the best experiences we've ever had.

We hope to see you again,
Graham, Anne, Peter and Lesley (UK)

Dear Thanos & Alicja,
Two lovely people....
Reach for the moon, if you miss you can only land on a star!


21 May 2006
Thanos and Alicja,

We have had a wonderful week, thank you for your hospitality. You have made us feel very welcome and it is the most relaxing holiday I have had in years. My first experience of sailing and I am keen to do more.

Perhaps we will do our lessons on a lake at home (not really as nice as the Ionian) and then meet you in a port somewhere around the world.
Have a good summer both of you......happy sailing!!!
Pam x x


14 May 2006
Thanos and Alicia,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful relaxing time. Everything was absolutely perfect, the sailing, the weather, the fabulous lunches with our 'liqueur tasting' each day.
Alicia, you must enter the next Olympics with your wonderful swimming.
You have made me feel like part of your family..... and I hope you have many children of your own...!!

See you next year & thank you
Lawrence (UK)


14 May 2006
Athanassios and Alicja,

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality - a great way for us to celebrate our 25th Anniversary (and Gord's birthday).
Food was great, sailing was wonderful, your insights and knowledge of the islands invaluable. Truly a sailing holiday of a lifetime.

The week here has felt like we've been in your home. Your comfortable manners made for a very special week. Best Greek salad & loved the liqueurs We will return!

Best Regards,
Maria and Gordon (Canada)


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