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Below you can read the comments and reviews that our previous years' guests have entered in our guest book.

Guest Book 2008


Below you can read the comments and reviews that our previous years' guests have entered in our guest book. Until 2007 we were only including the ones in English, but from 2008 you will find them in various languages.
There have been some quite artistic ones with nice drawings which unfortunately we could not copy here, but as you will notice, there have been some poets on our yacht as well!!!


28 September 2008
Dear Thanos and Alicia,
Thank you for a wonderful week's holiday, one that we will hopefully repeat with you in the near future.
You made us really relax and that doesn't happen very often.
Deborah and Chris (UK)

28 September 2008
Thanos and Alicia
We have had a great time, got the sailing bug!
Lots of good luck,
Tony and Sandra (UK)

21 September 2008
To Alicia & Thanos
Thank you for allowing us to share your home. I became very fond of my bedroom and I hope we will be able to experience the good food (or should that be 'excellent') and great company.
My memories of the week will remain with us for ever and as friends we will share some of the most exciting and thrilling moments.
Keep sailing
Lots of love, Jeff & Erna (UK)

21 September 2008
Thanos and Alicia,
Thank you for a lovely week with memorable moments. Thanos, your sailing skills have made me feel safe. Alicia, your cooking skills have been the best & how you have managed to prepare meals under those conditions has astounded me!
Take care, be happy
Debbie & Brian (UK)

21 September 2008
Thank you so much for an experience we will never forget (and for keeping me (Jo) dryish!).
To Alicia for being the perfect hostess and Thanos for his sailing skills, you make a perfect couple both in business and as future man and wife. We wish you all the happiness in the world. Safe sailing, look after each other, thank you again.
Love and best wishes, Paul and Jo (UK)
All the best for the wedding!

7 September 2008
Dear Alicja, Dear Thanassis
Thank you for a fantastic cruise, for delicious food and for your great hospitality!
All the best wishes for your future together, we hope we'll meet again...
Heimo, Ulli, Lucas, Anja, Angelica (Austria)

3 August 2008
Thanos & Alicja,
Thank you for your hospitality, the delicious cooking, the inside knowledge of all the beautiful islands, your friendliness and professionalism and for tolerating all our requests!
We wish you a wonderful wedding and many happy years together!
Sara & Shannon (Australia)

3 August 2008
Thank you for sharing your home with us on the most perfect holiday.
We wish you all the best for the future,
Dale (Australia) & Aimee (New Zealand)

3 August 2008
Thank you for an awesome holiday. It was above and beyond our expectations. Your hospitality was amazing and very appreciative.
All the best,
Jess and Brent (Australia)

3 August 2008
Thank you both for an unforgettable holiday. It was a pleasure to share your boat for a few days.
Melanie (New Zealand)

3 August 2008
Thanos and Alicja,

What a great holiday, your hospitality was first class. Hope I’ll be back again someday!
Annmaree (New Zealand)

27 July 2008
To Alicia (Water Baby!) and Thanos (Top Fisherman!)

Thank you for a very enjoyable holiday. We’ll take home good memories of wonderful cooking and being looked after and entertained by great story-telling!
Best wishes for your wedding in October,
Peter and Ju (UK)

13 July 2008
Thanos & Alicja,

What a week! Great food, sun, swimming: I think it has brought the sailor in all of us.
Have a fantastic wedding and the best wishes for the future.
Lots of love
The Taylors and Wynn-Jones (UK)
P. S. If you ever fancy clouds and rain England is the place to be!!
Don't forget to show your next guests the new party trick with the oranges!
Meg x x

29 June 2008
Dear Thanos and Alicja,

Thank you both so much for a truly wonderful and memorable holiday.
You are both superb hosts and all six of us thought Alicja's cooking was fantastic and it was much appreciated. The islands were stunning and we loved swimming in all the attractive bays you introduced us to, and learning a great deal more about sailing.
You are both excellent teachers and maybe next year we'll take on the seas 'single handed'. And we've survived the week without any major family incidents!
With love from,
Deborah and Paddy (UK)

Thanks guys, a truly memorable week!
Patrick (UK)

Thank you so much for a fabulous week!
Lucy xxx (UK)

Thanks so much for everything ' the sailing, the scenery but especially the food!
Chaz x (UK)

Thank you both for an absolutely beautiful week's sailing ' it really was so exciting visiting all the little ports and bays, and such a fantastic contrast to London.
Plus Alicja's cooking was amazing!!
Nick (UK)

8 June 2008
Thank you for a wonderful week. We enjoyed everything, the sun, the sea and the nice places that we visited. It was great to join another one of your cruises and we hope to see you again soon...
All the best,
Nik and Emily (UK)

24 May 2008
To Thanos and Alicia
We were pleasantly surprised to actually see you at the marina when we arrived! The week of sailing with you felt safe and wonderful. You make a great team.
Alicia, the Greek food was delicious. Thanks for sharing much of the history and your music with us.
Best of luck with your wedding in October and beyond on the seas of life.
Thanks for everything,
Larry and Barbara (USA)

25 April 2008
Thank you for a wonderful introduction to the fine art of sailing. Very relaxing, exciting and inspiring. Thanks for some very wonderful food too!
May you be well... May you be happy...
All the best,
Adam (UK)

25 April 2008
What a wonderful week to start of this year's sailing season! We loved it - the wind, the waves, the sun, the company and all the delicious food. We feel so much more rested than when we first arrived.
Thank you for taking a very pregnant lady onboard :)
Have a great 6 months of sailing this year... and hopefully see you in Santorini!
Heike and Peter (UK)

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