Share a Yacht - Small Groups & Couples

Are you a couple or a small group of friends who want to have a holiday onboard a yacht, but not enough people to book the whole boat?

This is not a problem as you can go for our Share a Yacht option, where you will share the boat with other like minded people.


The maximum number of guests on board is 8, and you can have as many people in your group as you want. The bigger your group, the more economic it becomes per person (see our Prices page), and for larger groups it may actually be worth considering booking the whole yacht for yourselves.

There is double occupancy of the cabins, so you will share an en suite cabin with one of your friends, or otherwise, if your number is odd, then someone will have a whole cabin for themselves (with a supplement of 50%).


Due to the nature of this holiday, although you end up on a yacht with total strangers, within the first evening a bond is created between everyone. For many people this has resulted in long lasting friendships.

We make sure that you share the yacht with people who have common interests with you and who have a similar attitude and ideas of how to spend the holiday, so everybody has a great time.

And as keeping the balance in group dynamics is very important, we always try to have an equal number of male and female guests.

You can socialize as much as you like with the others but there is plenty of space for the moments that you want to be alone. We sail for 4-5 hours a day and the rest of the time is spent in a bay or moored at a village, so you can always leave the boat and do your own thing.

The most important is that you are going to be on a yacht with like minded people who want to go off the beaten track, have a little taste of adventure and meet the locals.

They are there for exactly the same reason as you.

To enjoy the sea and the sun, sail around the beautiful Greek islands, meet people and explore a different culture!

This is guaranteed to be fun!!!


Special Interests Cruises

After many requests from people with special interests, we decided to organize weekly Share a Yacht cruises with the following subjects:

  • singles
  • archaeology
  • wildlife
  • photography
  • naturism
  • diving
  • a big mad island hopping pub crawl
  • families with kids

If you are interested in any of them, please contact us for dates and availability.

Or if you are interested in something else and want to make a suggestion, we'll be happy to hear from you.

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