The Weather and The Wind

The Weather

Greece enjoys an average of 300 cloudless days per year! After the winter ends in March, the sun and blue skies take their place over this beautiful Mediterranean country. The sailing season starts in April and ends in November when the temperatures are still pleasant.

During April, May, October and November, the weather is similar to a bright summer's day in the Northern European countries and the sea is warm enough to swim from May onwards.

June, early July and September, the weather is hotter and the sea is really pleasant to swim in.

And then comes the peak of the season! The second half of July and August are the hottest months with the sea at its warmest, however the breezes ensure that you remain comfortable.

The Wind

Here is the beauty of The Ionian Sea which makes it a much more popular sailing destination than the eastern side of Greece.

Unlike the Meltemi winds that blow in the Aegean and usually reach gale forces in July and August, here you get a nice Northwesterly breeze that rarely exceeds Force 5 throughout the season.

The wind in the Ionian Sea follows a more or less regular pattern during the day.

In the early morning you get light NW winds of Force 2-3 which towards late morning and throughout the afternoon increase to Force 3-5 making it ideal for fast and exciting, still safe and comfortable sailing.

Later in the evening the wind drops and stays calm through the night.


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