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This summer we decided to vary our cruises between two different areas. The Aegean islands in April, May and June, then a cruise from Athens, through the Corinthian canal and back to the Ionian, and from the middle of June until the end of the season around the Ionian islands. The photos have been organized in the following categories:

On the way...      (185 photos)
With the stable summer winds in Greece, sailing is always a pleasure.

Anchored in a bay...      (98 photos)
From the 10.000 islands of the Greek seas (9.200 uninhabited and 800 inhabited), you can imagine how much choice there is for stopping in a deserted bay for swimming, snorkeling and lunch.

On the islands...      (104 photos)
After a nice day at sea, we arrive at the next island around 4 or 5 o'clock in the evening. You can wonder around and explore the place, or sit in a local cafe, enjoy an ice cream or a cold drink and watch the life around you.

Aegean islands...      (96 photos)
As the architecture of the Aegean islands is quite unique, we put them separately here.

At the little harbours...      (144 photos)
Some nice photos of the activities and life around the small harbours that we visit every evening.

Ancient sites...      (84 photos)
Greece is famous for its ancient history and the archaeological findings, so here are some ancient sites that we visited this summer.

Corinthian canal...      (29 photos)
This year we crossed this spectacular canal twice, once in April and the second time in June. It connects the Saronic Gulf (which is a part of the Aegean sea) with the Gulf of Corinth to the west, its length is 6300 meters, it is 24 meters wide and its sides have a height of 80 meters above sea level!!!

Caves...      (25 photos)
These are photos of some of the caves that can be visited in our cruising area.

Dolphins...      (17 photos)
They love to play around our hull when we are sailing, and no matter how many times we have seen them, we always get very excited when they join us.

Underwater...      (49 photos)
Underwater photos are so different and unique. Check the one of the octapus!

Nighttime...      (56 photos)
At the end of the day it's time for a few drinks on the yacht and a visit to the local taverna for some delicious Greek dishes.

Storms...      (84 photos)
Gales in Greece are quite rare during the summer (especially in our cruising areas
) and when there is one forecast, we stay in port for an extra day as they never last for more than 10-15 hours. 90% of our guests are not experienced sailors so it would not be fun for them, but also it is very unlikely to find mooring space at the next island, as none of the yachts leave the harbours.
This summer we sailed in a storm on two occasions, once in the Cyclades (Aegean sea) and once in the Gulf of Corinth. Despite the forecast (normally you know about a storm 2 days in advance), everybody onboard was very willing for the experience, so we set sail!
Here are some of the photos....

Various...      (47 photos)
Some photos that don't belong to any of the categories above!!!

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