Photo Gallery 2007


Always the majority of photos in our photo gallery have been taken by our guests, as it is nice to see various moments from our cruises the way they catch them through their lens. This year they have been organized in the following categories:

On the way...      (149 photos)
Using the wind as your propulsion for traveling across the seas, is a unique experience. That is also the time to try our chances with fishing (sometimes we are lucky!!!).

Anchored in a bay...      (152 photos)
A few hours spent in a bay swimming, snorkeling, having a few drinks, sunbathing and of course having lunch, is one of the best experiences of the cruise.

Moored in a little village...      (208 photos)
Exploring each evening a different island rather than spending a whole week in the same hotel, is why most of our guests join our sailing holidays.

Caves...      (17 photos)
These are photos of some of the caves that can be visited in our cruising area.

Underwater...      (27 photos)
A few of our guests brought their underwater camera this summer.

Nighttime...      (49 photos)
Each island has its own customs, each village a different architecture and each night is a different experience!!

Various...      (45 photos)
These photos don't really belong anywhere else!!!



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